Shit yeah Mike, AWESOME! What I find weird as the We-Centered person in my wife and I's relationship, and probably the more emotional person as well, is how much society tries to make me feel like I should be gay because of this. That may sound fucked up, but it's true. Ever since I spoke the words "I'm not comfortable in my own skin" on the Soul Searching Adventure I went on in February 2022, I spent a lot of time thinking on that statement. What did it mean to me, what did it mean for me, and how am I going to begin the process of leaning into it to uncover more.

What I've figured out is fuck society and the way it's trying to make me feel. I am an emotional person, I give a shit about how others feel, and I want to help them through their tough times. I don't think it's weird to notice a man and agree he is attractive, but I'll be damned if a female doesn't create straight up hormonal arousal for me. None of this shit means I am a female living in a mans body, or that I'm gay and that I'm lying to myself.

I love the concept of what you shared in this writing and I'm thankful it sparked a desire in me to put words into the world. I look forward to the next Soul Searching Adventure I can go on.

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Incredible work here bro! I took notes and everything :)

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